Report: New Cab Color for Mexico City Causes Controversy

mexico cityA plan to paint all cabs in Mexico City pink is meeting resistance from cab drivers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The new pink color, which was selected last year, was chosen by a focus group, accroding to Rufino Leon Tovar, the city's secretary of mobility. The new plan calls for all of Mexico City's taxis to be painted pink by mid-2018. 

Some taxi operators have raised security objections to the plan. Over the past 15 years, Mexcio City has adopted a color coding system for its taxis. The safest cars, which are from taxi stands or on a telephone and radio network, are painted white. Street taxis, which are cheaper but can be less secure, are gold and scarlet. An older, green color of taxi has been largely disbanded. 

By painting all taxis pink, "there will be no distinction between the established taxi-stand cars and radio taxis, and those from the street," taxi driver Israel Urbina told the Los Angeles Times. "That will be confusion for the users … for whom we represent comfort and safety."

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