Ritz Tours Highlights Chinese Cuisine

Ritz Tours is highlighting one of China's more legendary attractions: its food. As part of the Ritz Tours Premiere and Deluxe vacation packages, guests will enjoy a Peking Duck Banquet in Beijing, an Imperial Dumpling Banquet in Xian or a spicy Sichuan meal in Chongqing.

The Peking Duck Banquet is a must for Beijing travelers. The meal is prepared in front of the diners as the chef cuts the cooked duck into thin slices for guests to then wrap in a pancake and top with spring onions and hoisin sauce.

The Imperial Dumpling Banquet is preceded by a trip to the Terra Cotta Warriors. Guests then indulge in dumplings filled with meats, seafoods and vegetables.

Kick it up a notch in Chongqing, where garlic, chili peppers, pepercorn and ginger are staples to almost every dish. (Note: The most popular is the Ma Po Tofu dish, which consists of tofu and minced meat in a spicy bean and chili sauce).

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Photo by Rhoda Quan.

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