10 Hot Destinations that Want Your Travel Dollars

In its latest Travelnomics report, price comparison site Cheapflights.co.uk explores the recession's effects on travel trends and encourages economic stimulus through travel for the world's top 10 worst hit economies— as listed by Forbes.

"There's no doubt we haven't quite shaken off the impact of the recession, and while there are various negative aspects we can point to, believe it or not, there are some positives too," says Nadine Hallak, spokesperson for Cheapflights.co.uk. "Tighter budgets have given rise to new destinations adding intrepid flavour to the travel repertoire, and what better way to distribute your holiday budget than to stimulate another country's economy while experiencing an entirely new culture."

1. Latvia
2. Estonia
3. Lithuania
4. Iceland
5. Singapore
6. Venezuela
7. Jamaica
8. Ireland
9. Ukraine
10. Seychelles

Travlers are swapping Spain's Balearics for Eastern Europe's Baltics for travel in the New Year with Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania taking the lead in the popularity stakes. Experience luxury for less in Estonia's Hotel Olumpia with its unique sauna, enjoy a royal visit to Latvia's Rundale Palace nicknamed 'Versailles of the Baltics', or head to Nida on the Curonian Spit for more of a bohemian break.

For those who prefer to cast their net further afield, the sunny shores of the Seychelles and the exotic reaches of Singapore might be more to your taste. Or for a familiar experience closer to home, Ireland is also proving to be a massive draw for travelers in 2010.