2009 Boston Globe Travel Show to Offer Industry Conference and Trade Day

As part of the 2009 Boston Globe Travel Show on February 20-22, a full day of seminars and presentations will be offered for travel professionals who wish to increase their skills and earning potential. The 2009 Travel Industry Conference and Trade Day will be held Friday, February 20, in conjunction with the opening of the 4th Boston Globe Travel Show, New England’s largest and most comprehensive travel expo.

More than 350 travel industry professionals are expected to attend the conference at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center. The conference offers a host of useful seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts who understand the challenges of the current economic climate. 

A full schedule and description of the seminars can be found at www.bostonglobetravelshow.com/conference_schedule.htm, with more speakers being added.

The Conference is free to attend, but pre-registration is recommended at: www.bostonglobetravelshow.com/trade_registration.html

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