A Kinder, Gentler Spring Break

One thing to remember about spring break is that it’s not all about “College Kids Gone Wild”—high schools also shut down for a week, and many families take this time to vacation together. Of course, high school kids are just one step away from being college kids, so parents need to keep a close eye on them—without ruining everyone’s trip in the process.

If you’re sending families on spring break vacations this year, you might want to offer them a few guidelines for travel. Linda Jenkins, leisure manager of Travel Leaders in Fort Wayne, IN, offered these tips to WISE33 News:

1. Talk to your teen and any guests explaining the rules of the trip before leaving. If you bring underage guests, you'll need a notarized letter from their parents acknowledging you are caring for the student. A letter allowing the supervising parents to administer medical care to your teen is also a good idea.

2. Use the buddy system. Make sure everyone in the group has a buddy who they travel with at all times. Jenkins says a buddy system with three people is best in case one is hurt someone can leave and someone can stay to help.

3. Make a contact list everyone can carry in case people are separated.

Simple enough, but they can make a trip a whole lot more pleasant for everyone involved.

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