A4A - Airline Customers Pay Heavy Tax Burden

airplaneAirlines for America (A4A) has released an infographic highlighting the excessive tax burden imposed on its customers and urges support for a national airline policy campaign. 

The U.S. aviation industry is subjected to 17 different taxes, with approximately 20 percent – or $61 – of a typical $300 roundtrip domestic ticket going directly to Washington, D.C., A4A says.

In fact, A4A says federal tax rates on air travel exceed those of alcohol and tobacco sales, the so-called “sin” products that are taxed at the highest levels to discourage their use.

A4A says it is renewing its call for a National Airline Policy that will help reduce these taxes and ensure ticket prices remain affordable for both consumers and businesses.

A4A’s proposed policy includes the following key points:

Reduces taxes and fees on airfares for travelers and shippers.

Reforms antiquated regulations that add unnecessary costs and do not benefit customers or safety. 

Modernizes the nation’s Air Traffic Control System to reduce delays and emissions. 

Level the playing field to allow for a globally competitive U.S. airline industry (like offering more services and routes.) 

Stabilizes energy prices through a balanced and comprehensive national energy policy.

A4A says travelers can learn more by following the National Airline Policy campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/nationalairlinepolicy, Twitter at twitter.com/natl_air_policy and Google+ at http://bit.ly/Xi4PGg, and sign the petition at http://nationalairlinepolicy.com/.

Visit www.airlines.com

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