A4A Lauds No-Hassle Flying Act

airplaneAirlines for America (A4A) joined with other industry groups to  commend the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 6028, the No-Hassle Flying Act. The act streamlines baggage security measures for international flights arriving from select airports in Canada, the Caribbean and Ireland that have U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) preclearance facilities.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), gives the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) discretion to determine whether additional screening of bags already screened at CBP preclearance airports is necessary. U.S. law today requires all baggage entering the United States to be re-screened regardless of where it originated, which creates additional work and hassle for customers, without providing meaningful additional security, A4A notes.

"Safe and reliable baggage screening is a key component in ensuring aviation security around the world, and our members fully support the implementation of robust, reliable, and intelligent screening systems," said A4A President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio. "This duplicate screening procedure makes little security sense, creates unnecessary cost, and delays customers, who have already waited for their bags to be screened when traveling to the United States. We appreciate Congressman Walsh's leadership in promoting this risk-based screening approach."

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