AAA Launches E-mail Itinerary/Trip Planner

AAA’s newly launched Itinerary Trip Planner will replace traditional, text-based, agent e-mail itineraries with a web-empowered e-mail itinerary that gives travelers instant access to a full gamut of destination information and travel products and services. The interactive itinerary was developed by truvle Ltd., a technology firm, for travel agents, hotels, tour operators and airlines.

One truvle feature is multi-level branding. The technology allows clubs to use their own banners and ads to market AAA and preferred partner services and to promote AAA products. Agents create e-mail itineraries with the AAA logo and contact information to send branded e-itineraries with targeted ads to travelers, who can click through the links, make purchases and receive more information.

An Agent Admin Panel gives AAA clubs complete control over advertising content. The software targets ads based on destination, travel dates, gender, flight class and/or city of origin. Online reports provide quick feedback on the effectiveness of every campaign.

Another innovation cited by truvle is technology linking travelers to his or her own Personal Trip Planner (PTP) – a customized website with information on things to see and do in the destination. For AAA, truvle also created an exclusive AAA Services and Maps section, allowing the organization to leverage the products for which it is famous, such as AAA Travel Guides and Maps. Additionally, this Services and Maps special section links to for air, hotel, car and cruise bookings.





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