Agent Air Sales Continue Growth

ARC reported total sales for November of $5,760,388,597, a gain of 12.4 percent. The year-to-date total hit $72,686,262,508, a 18.4 percent gain. Total transactions hit 10,833,895, a 8.7 percent increase. Total taxes and fees totaled $799,590,326, a 14.14 percent gain.

ARC said domestic fares for the month hit $2,569,396,070, a 9.8 percent increase while year to date, the total was $32,034,910,170, a 14.6 percent gain. International fares hit $2,313,141,268, a 14.6 percent increase, and the year-to-date sum was $29,520,909,435, a 23.5 percent gain. Total fares were $4,882,537,338, a 12 percent increase.

ARC said 191 carriers reported for the month while retail locations hit 14,970. Satellite STP Locations totaled 794 while VTC Locations continued to grow reaching 1,214. Average Daily Sales reported for the calendar month totaled $11,310. Credit card sales hit $5,252,326,799, a 12.8 percent gain.



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