Agent Calls on the Nation for Advice

One of the primary purposes of AgentNation, the only social community online for all kinds of travel agents, is for peers to address issues together and share advice among with each other. With that in mind, we here at Travel Agent would like to spotlight one user's queries and we encourage readers and users to lend a helping hand.

User "bunbun" asked the following question at AgentNation:
I have been a home-based agent for a small storefront agency for almost three years. I am still learning new things everyday, and love what I do. I have found that some clients are turned off by the fact that I am home based and [they] want to deal with someone in an office. I had a new client call and ask for me from a referral, my agency owner told her I was one of her outside sales agents and she seemed put off by that. Has anyone encountered this problem and how did you solve it?

I also want comments on what is the normal commission split for outside agents, I am at 50 percent, I am reading that the split is 70 percent now, is this true? Can someone help me out?

So which of you brethren out there will be a good Samaritan and provide some answers? Log in and go directly to bunbun's discussion and help out today!

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