Agents Speak on Arizona Immigration Law's Effect on Tourism

The recent passage of immigration reform laws in Arizona has certainly been a popular topic in the realm of political news. But what about travel? After hearing of hotel cancellations in the state, specifically citing the new immigration law, we asked readers on our Facebook page and at AgentNation about what they are hearing from clients and how they feel about it themselves. Here's some excerpts of what they said.

Ed Stiles was the first to write us at our Facebook page, saying:
I "hear" of hotel cancellations every day in every city in the USA, citing a myriad of reasons. Are you really trying to suggest that there is a connection between the AZ immigration law and hotel cancellations? Show me some empirical evidence and I'll believe what you're "starting to hear."

Tracee Grammer Williams agreed with Ed, writing:
Me too Ed! That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Seashell Eco Retreat Suites was amused by our query, stating:
LOL. So stupid. God forbid our nation protects its borders. God forbid we let citizens of states decide for themselves. Go AZ! Do your thang!

Ray Goldenberg, meanwhile, targeted us directly, commenting:
I guess the Travel Agent Magazine editors are just trying to sensationalize like some other main stream media. Shame on you!

Of course, we wanted to respond to Ed, Ray and Tracee. So we did, posting:
Sorry it sounds "stupid" folks, but yes, indeed, we got a call from a travel agent who had two cancellations based on the above. Very glad to hear it's not a big issue other than for that agent.

Fortunately, we were glad to see some readers chiming in on the topic, which they consider to be important. First up was Susan Cook Harrell, who wrote:
It doesn't sound "stupid" - not all of us are in favor of racial profiling.I think there will be a lot of people who will avoid Arizona!

Patricia Dumpson-Niemela concurred with Susan, stating:
I am a travel agent in AZ (Phx) and I have lived here for 20 years. It may sound "stupid" to a lot of people not living here, but it is the "real deal". Businesses of all kinds are going to suffer because of the lousy legislation in this state. AZ did not get the Super Bowl years ago because this State refused to celebrate MLK Day... 2 years later... we now celebrate MLK Day. This law is not going to solve the problem... it will only create an even bigger one (in my opinion).

Ruthanne Terrero brought up the issue in a discussion thread at AgentNation, to which dmatha responded:
I'm from Arizona and I really don't think this law is going to hurt the tourism business in our state.  We are just following the law.  Everyone is welcome to our beautiful state - so come and enjoy!

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