Aircraft Company Introduces A Car Of The Future

We all laughed at silly Doc Brown in Back To The Future 2 when he returned in the Delorean with its new flight feature. But it turns out, old Doc wasn’t far off.

Aircraft company Terrafugia, Inc. announced Thursday the first flight of its Transition Roadable Aircraft Proof of Concept – or simply put, a “flying car.” The Transition is a two-seater that can take off and land at local airports as well as drive on any road. The switch from plane to car takes the pilot less than 30 seconds.

This game-changing vehicle can cruise up to 450 miles at over 115 mph, can drive at highway speeds, fits in any standard garage, is complete with front wheel drive and propeller and runs on unleaded gasoline from any gas station.


"This breakthrough changes the world of personal mobility. Travel now becomes a hassle-free integrated land-air experience. It's what aviation enthusiasts have been striving for since 1918," says Carl Dietrich, CEO of Terrafugia.


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