All Is Well In Mexico


I just came back from Mexico and all is well. I attended Starwood's Luxury Travel Advisory Board meeting at the St. Regis Punta Mita. Twenty of your peers also attended the event in support of Starwood and Mexico as a destination.

I am always surprised at the ignorance Americans have for the dangers in the world. At the drop of a news clipping, we question our safety and fail to look at the crimes in our own backyard. The U.S. Government should put a travel advisory on itself before looking across the border to Mexico.

Now I am not trying to ignore what is going on, but I don't expect anyone to vacation in crime-stricken communities in the U.S. On my recent trip to Punta Mita, it was business as usual—the violent events and crime that the media is focusing on is so far removed and actually closer to the U.S. than Punta Mita.

While in Mexico, I saw no added security that made me feel uncomfortable or any safer. It just is not a concern in the lives of Mexicans in the regions that rely on tourism. But the loss of business is a reality and a concern. We would be remiss as the largest travel trade media company in the world not to tell both sides of the story and inform you of the situation.

While others try and make money on the confusion and attempt to make money off Mexican travel suppliers to help set the record straight, I decided to go and see for myself. You all have nothing to worry about. Encourage your clients to travel to Mexico—they won't be disappointed.