Allianz Global Assistance Offers Content Capsule for Travel Bloggers

allianz content capsuleAllianz Global Assistance has launched a program to reach leading family and travel bloggers and their readers. Working with content creation and distribution specialist NextWorks, the company has created an Allianz Travel Insurance “Content Capsule” that has been included in posts on more than 50 blogs. 

The Content Capsule, which is an easily imbedded microsite, includes videos, infographics, travel tips, share buttons and an invitation to learn more at Since the program’s launch in August 2015, more than 100,000 visitors have spent an average of 2.5 minutes interacting with the Allianz Travel Insurance Content Capsule. 

Allianz Global Assistance has deployed the Content Capsule with blogger partners Travel Trifecta – Lee Abbamonte, Johnny Jet and Gary Arndt – and Network 360 – Tim Leffel, Beth Whitman and Max Hartshorne, as well as with other travel and family bloggers selected by NextWorks. The Content Capsule is accompanied by sponsored posts that discuss travel and the benefits of travel insurance. 

The Content Capsule can be viewed at