Amadeus Launches New Free Leisure Tool

In a recent briefing for travel agents, Amadeus' North American Chief Commercial Officer Tom Cates introduced Amadeus VacationLink, a new all-in-one leisure booking portal that gives travel agents the ability to book high-commission content from a single point of sale. VacationLink also allows agents to book cruises, shore excursions, tours, destination content, transfers, event tickets, rail, consolidator fares and more.

Cates says the new leisure-booking tool will increase productivity and deliver efficiencies. Current Amadeus Cruise stand-alone customers will get cruise capabilities and more. The tool is free to all travel agents.

Cates noted that Amadeus does not compete as a retailer with North American travel agents and that Amadeus is continuing its ongoing research and development investment in distribution and travel agency products and services. He also released a new research study on travel agents.

Responding to agents' needs in 2009, Cates said Amadeus will launch a new a website designed for agent engagement and an Amadeus thought-leadership webinar series. Also planned are new tools for online help, support and service. Amadeus believes that agents can stay competitive by optimizing their online presence.

Amadeus offers a basic online package that includes Amadeus Agency Internet Engine, Advanced Online Package, Amadeus e-Retail Engine, Amadeus Premium Online, Amadeus Corporate Online and Amadeus


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