Amadeus Launches New Travel Management Tool

travel agentAmadeus Offers, a management tool that allows agents to automate the processing and presentation of multiple itinerary proposals for their clients, has been launched by Amadeus. The new tool can reduce the time spent by agents managing the reservation process by as much as 60 percent, Amadeus reports.

Amadeus says it is the first GDS to address the  market need for a comprehensive demand management solution covering the spectrum from itinerary options in the pre-booking phase to alternative travel arrangements after departure.

Amadeus Offers impacts demand management for travel agents and provides more efficient and transparent management of pre-booking activities, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention while streamlining agency operations, Amadeus says.

With Amadeus Offers, travel agents can now:

Store trip options in the same passenger name record (PNR) as the itinerary to quickly respond to customer requests
Quickly and easily send professionally branded, pre-formatted emails with their customized travel offering
Manage multiple trip options, client proposals and itineraries
Access trip details 24/7, and book the customer's approved itinerary with a few simple keystrokes

"Our agents are saving an incredible amount of time as they no longer have to arduously cut and paste proposals and create multiple PNRs for each customer," said Peter Durbetaki, owner, UNIGLOBE Five Star Travel. "As a result of the Amadeus Offers solution, our clients now have all of the information they need in one place so they can quickly and confidently make the most informed decisions on air and hotel bookings."

Amadeus Offers facilitates the process of travel agents proposing, storing and exchanging travel proposals with travelers, Amadeus says. The solution allows travel agents to easily create multiple itinerary proposals for both air and hotel arrangements, quickly transmit them to clients in a professional manner, and book the desired option seamlessly.

"Trip management activities are cumbersome and can constitute up to half of a travel agent's daily workload. With Amadeus Offers, our North America agency customers are able to dramatically reduce the time spent managing the reservation process by as much as 60 percent. This allows them to refocus their efforts on selling more and serving their clients," said Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer, Amadeus North America.

Amadeus notes the solution benefits for business and leisure travel agencies as well as corporations and travel management companies.
It helps pre-booking activities by storing travel data in a single location, eliminating the need to create multiple passenger name records (PNR) to store several itinerary options for clients, Amadeus says.

Amadeus Offers also automates customer contact and eliminates phone calls through Offer Notices, a customizable, pre-formatted email that includes flight and/or hotel details, pricing and a summary of fare conditions. Available in both HTML or PDF formats, the email can be translated into 20 different languages and clearly states rules and restrictions in easy-to-understand terms for travelers.

Amadeus Offers will be available via several of Amadeus' flagship products including Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, and Amadeus Web Services.

It is also integrated within Amadeus and Amadeus e-Travel Management. Amadeus Offers integrates easily into current booking processes, eliminating the need for extensive training, Amadeus says.

Until September 30, new Amadeus Offers subscribers can take advantage of promotional pricing which includes unlimited offers transactions, Amadeus says.


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