Amadeus Offers Agents Tips on How to Make More Money

A better bottom line doesn't have to elude travel agents, Amadeus said in a new advisory directed toward travel agents. It offered five ways for agents of any size to grow their business with the better use of technology tools, outstanding customer services delivery and selling complete vacation packages, among other tools. Amadeus said it is also offering its Amadeus Vacation Link free to agents, regardless of what GDS an agent is using. Amadeus also urged agents to upsell and use service fees.

Its advice included the following:

1. Pump up your offering with the Amadeus Selling Platform. fHaving comprehensive content is a direct path to more profits for several reasons, allowing agents to add more high commission products to their clients’ itineraries.

2. Earn more commissions—without spending a dime—by using Amadeus Vacation Link to sell leisure packages, regardless of GDS affiliation.

3. Don't just sell—upsell. Agents should always ask their customers if they want to upgrade to better seats, bigger rooms or nicer vehicles.

4. Get paid for your great service by charging service fees.

5. Agents should try to win repeat business by offering personalized service and utilizing a back-office technology tool such as Amadeus Agenta that gives them more time to spend on cultivating their business relationships with their clients.



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