Amadeus Partners with airconomy on Market intelligence

Amadeus and airconomy, a strategy consultancy for aviation networks, announced a partnership and the launch of Amadeus Total Demand by airconomy. This new data solution will provide airlines, airports and travel agencies with a comprehensive and accurate view of market demand on any given route including distribution by low cost carriers (LCCs) and airline direct sales.

For example, airlines can calculate their true market share and assess the potential of routes where they do not operate today. Airports can analyze the traffic that is currently bypassing them and that could be captured if their slots where allocated differently. Travel agencies can gain insight into the market-share evolution of any given route to better advise their customers of available options.

“Total Demand will help our airline customers gain the information they need to make key decisions on such fundamental topics as fleet assignment and route planning,” David Doctor, director of Amadeus airline and travel agency distribution commented.

Amadeus Total Demand by airconomy uses a large number of global and market-specific sources that, processed by a computing algorithm, guarantees the highest accuracy of the estimates produced. This helped determine, for example, that three out of the top five routes in terms of growth since the beginning of the year are based in Asia, with Bangkok-Hong Kong posting a 47 percent increase year-to-date.

In parallel, Asia also experienced the biggest drop in traffic on the Beijing-Tokyo route with -26 percent. Trans-Atlantic traffic witnessed significant growth: New York-Paris increased by 43 percent, whereas New York-London grew by 18 percent over the same period.



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