Amadeus Rolls Out Ancillary Services Initiatives

Amadeus has announced a number of initiatives to deliver a comprehensive, multi-channel ancillary services solutions to enable airlines to maximize revenue profitably and deliver new levels of customer service. One result: Amadeus Ancillary Services enables airlines to sell ancillary services on their websites and via travel agencies. Sales are fully integrated within the travel agent workflow, removing the need for travel consultants to book ancillary services across multiple interfaces.

Corsairfly has started to pilot Amadeus Ancillary Services andy, on June 1, Amadeus implemented Electronic Miscellaneous Document Server (EMD Server) for Finnair. This solution enables airlines to issue, store, manage and distribute associated and standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD), the industry standard fulfillment document, which is vital to the effective sale and management of ancillary services.

“The main factors driving the implementation of ancillary services for Corsairfly are, of course, revenue, but also the ability to deliver and communicate benefits in a way which our customers recognize as adding value,” said Damien Paries, deputy director capacity management, Corsairfly. “In the case of the baggage allowance, we see this as a win-win. Managing the baggage allowance at the booking stage improves the airport experience for customers and means airport staff is not burdened with managing excess baggage claims.”

Amadeus Ancillary Services enables Corsairfly to offer travelers the option to book additional baggage allowance so that they can, for example, pack all they need for a two-week family holiday. Corsairfly files the fares for these services via ATPCo, which supplies fare data to all the major airfare pricing engines that reserve and ticket air travel.

Amadeus also has developed a graphic catalogue display to enable travel agencies to easily view real time airline’s services offering. This catalogue automatically calculates the total price of all selected services and triggers the booking in one click, allowing travel agents to sell ancillary services quickly and efficiently.

Amadeus will further extend EMD capability to include Amadeus travel agencies in September and will begin piloting with agents in the Finnish market with Finnair later in the year. A further deliverable for the end of 2010 is the extension of EMD capability to support interlining between airlines hosted on the Amadeus EMD server.



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