Amadeus Technology Serves Agents and Airlines

Amadeus’ has released its newest technology, Automated Ticketing Limits, which provides real time assignment of ticketing time limits and instant prompts to agents on their desktops. The system helps agents eliminate non-productive bookings and maximize revenues.

“With this solution we can ensure that travel agents are prompted about ticketing time limits immediately, whilst they are still dealing with customers, which increases operational efficiency and improves customer service," said Catherine Colbus Medioni, vice president of revenue management for Air France. "In addition, we are able to reduce revenue leakage by eliminating the cost of non-productive bookings and improve revenues through the reselling of released inventory.” Air France was the first adopter of the system.

Automated Ticketing Limits is the latest development under the umbrella of the Amadeus Airline Retailing Platform, launched earlier this year. The new platform brings significant benefits for travel agencies as it delivers more information about airline offers to the travel agent’s desktop, enabling them to offer enhanced consultation by easily comparing between different products and suggesting additional services.

Amadeus Revenue Integrity is the flagship component of the platform. It’s the market leader in its field, processing over 1.6 million bookings per day and covering nearly 60 percent of all U.S. domestic passenger traffic. Amadeus says 10 major airlines have applied the product during 2008. Amadeus Revenue Integrity helps airlines optimize revenues by ensuring their commercial flight firming and duplicate-check policies are applied on every booking. This is achieved by checking reservations against predefined business rules, in order to detect and process reservations that are not likely to materialize or do not comply with an airline’s policies. Eliminating these non-productive bookings allows airlines to resell seats, ensuring maximum revenue collection.


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