Amadeus Works With Airlines on Content, Fees

For the time being, Amadeus agencies won't be receiving surcharge invoices from Delta and will continue to have access to the complete Delta inventory, according to Amadeus, a Madrid-based distribution/technology company. The two companies agreed to work out any cost recovery fees together. Amadeus stated that it "does not have any legal actions pending or planned against Delta at this time."

Amadeus also announced that it reached an agreement with Northwest, which, while provisional, guarantees access to full content and removes the service fees that Northwest had been charging since September 1. In addition, Amadeus has signed long-term agreements with United and U.S. Airways, and recently extended its content agreement with Continental through the end of the year; negotiations with Continental for a long-term pact are ongoing.

Thus, American is the only major U.S. airline still charging segment fees, although Amadeus has informed its agencies that it will reimburse them for the fees on an interim basis.

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