American Express Appoints New Senior Vice President of the U.S. Consumer Travel Network


American Express reports that Claire Bennett will take on the role as Senior Vice President of the American Express U.S. Consumer Travel Network, replacing Lynne Biggar, now Senior Vice President, Membership Rewards for American Express.

A three-year veteran of American Express, Bennett worked as Senior Vice President Global Advertising and Brand Management, where she managed operations for advertising, sponsorships, agency management, marketplace research, as well as influencing partnerships and nontraditional media opportunities.

Her work focused on developing "one-of-a-kind" customer experiences for American Express Cardmembers through partnerships in an array of different industries, including entertainment, sports and fashion.

With her experience in marketing and advertising, Bennett will help support Consumer Travel’s mission of being the travel service provider of choice to American Express Cardmembers and other travel-need customers.

Bennett will assist the Consumer Travel Network as it continues to expand its customer base and extend relationships through the Retail Travel Network, the Internet and travel service call centers, says Amex.

American Express these days says that is concentrating on growing the Representative Network and continuing to reach customers by signing agencies such as ALTOUR, Elite Travel Group, Main Street Travel and Mundi Travel Consultants. Sales generated by the Representative Network have risen 100 percent in the past five years.

From working at Dell, where she led marketing communications and sales lead generation for Dell Computer’s consumer and small business division, to working for American Express, Bennett, a certified CPA, will use her past skills and experiences to try to help the Consumer Travel Network thrive, says Amex.