American Express Travel Launches New Training Website

The already formidable skills of American Express’ U.S. Representative Network will get an added boost from the launch of its On Demand online training and communication website. Available exclusively to members of its Representative Network, the new website will provide members with single-point access to supplier, product, destination marketing and educational training materials.

“With the launch of On Demand training, we’ve put easily accessible and organized information at our agents’ fingertips,” said Ellen Bettridge, vice president, Retail Travel Network, American Express Travel.  “The more information agents have about suppliers, programs and destinations, the better they can serve their customers. On Demand can assist agents to drive sales and grow their business.”

On Demand training is available 24/7 through AXtraWeb, a dedicated website that assists American Express Travel agents and specialists in matching their clients’ needs and interests to preferred suppliers worldwide. On Demand offers travel agents a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional training methods, since it can be used anytime without disrupting normal business operations, American Express said.

Key features of the On Demand training website include: access to 26 preferred supplier training videos designed to increase product knowledge and selling performance; interactive section to provide training feedback and submit new ideas and information about incentives; and certificate programs offered through American Express Travel.

The website is American Express Travel’s latest addition to the suite of benefits it provides to Representative Network members. On Demand is designed to provide members additional support in achieving their business goals and objectives, American Express said.


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