ARC Adds AirFacts to ARC Memo Manager


(c) 2011 ARC

ARC reports that it has approved AirFacts, Inc. as a Preferred Data Exchange Provider for ARC Memo Manager, the company’s web-based debit and credit memo processing solution for travel sellers and airlines.

AirFacts passed a rigorous set of conditions in order to become a Preferred Data Exchange Provider and ensure that memos are reliably and successfully transmitted from airlines to ARC for processing, ARC says. AirFacts currently acts as a Memo Manager exchange provider for several ARC clients.

“We’re delighted to be recognized as the inaugural Preferred Data Exchange Provider for Memo Manager,” said April Pearson, president and CEO at AirFacts. “ARC and AirFacts are natural partners to service domestic and international airline carriers. Our TicketGuard application, which is used to submit memos to ARC, was one of the first products to connect with Memo Manager. As a Preferred Data Exchange Provider, we look forward to growing our client base within the carrier community.”

Doug Mangold, managing director of product management at ARC, said, “We’ve worked with AirFacts since the introduction of Memo Manager and know that they provide quality and timely service. ARC created the Preferred Data Exchange Provider program to formally acknowledge those industry solutions that have gone through the testing processes for integrating with Memo Manager. With this designation, airlines will know that a vendor will provide data compliant with ARC’s standards.”


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