ARC Air Sales Continue Growth

Indicating a sustained recovery, the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is reporting total sales for October 2010 of $6,542,716,580, a 7.88 percent gain while year-to-date (YTD) sales hit $66,925,833,320, an 18.93 percent gain. Total transactions of 12,087,370 was reported, a 1.14 percent gain. YTD the total was 126,748,476 , a 7.58 percent gain. Total taxes and fees hit $898,756,213, an 11 percent gain and YTD to $9,435,091,734, a 17.14 percent increase.

Domestic fares grew to $2,908,020,809, a 4.81 percent increase and YTD to $29,465,507,018, a 15.08 percent increase. Domestic transactions reported totaled 8,945,328, up 1.05 percent and YTD to 91,892,175, up 6.58 percent. International fares grew to $2,650,803,720, a 10.27 percent increase. YTD the total hit $27,207,742,813, a 24.31 percent increase.

International transactions were 3,142,042, a1.40 percent gain and YTD hit 34,856,301, a 10.31 percent gain. Total fares reported were $5,558,824,529, a 7.35 percent gain. YTD the total reached $56,673,249,831, a 19.34 percent increase.

ARC also said the total carriers reporting hit 191. Retail locations reporting were 15,087. 812 STP (Satellite)locations reported while VTC locations hit 1,201. The Average Daily Sales reported for the calendar month was $12,342.

Credit card sales were $5,977,414,393, an 8.41 percent gain and YTD $60,380,954,250, a 19.75 percent increase. Cash sales totaled $565,302,187, a 2.57 percent increase and YTD $6,544,879,070, an 11.87 percent gain.


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