ARC Announces FareSight Air Travel Tool

airplaneARC reports that it has moved FareSight, the company’s Web-based tool for corporate air travel optimization, to general availability status. The release is the result of a successful beta program, which involved more than a dozen corporate travel managers, ARC said.

FareSight accesses current and historic ARC data directly related to a travel manager’s particular organization, ARC notes, and provides an analysis of their company's air travel patterns and spending. The tool also compares the company’s average ticket price for any origin and destination with the overall market.

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“As a corporate travel manager, FareSight allows me to pinpoint travel policy improvement opportunities by comparing our advance purchase and exchange rates to everyone traveling in the same markets as we are,” said René Colyer, corporate travel department manager at Exelis, Inc. and board of directors member of the Corporate Travel Department Association (CTDA). “With FareSight, I also can validate the cost savings of our corporate air contracts by comparing our city pair airfares against the market average.”

Corporate travel consultants and finance managers can harness FareSight’s power to monitor and adjust corporate air travel policies, audit and negotiate airline ticket rates, and identify potential cost savings, ARC says.. FareSight can also help corporate travel managers profile travellrs' preferences based on actual travel – not just preference surveys or policy compliance.

Doug Mangold, ARC’s managing director of product management commented: “It was very gratifying to see the ease with which corporate travel managers effectively leveraged FareSight during beta testing, showing us that this is an intuitive product that provides an optimum user experience. ARC is indebted to our corporate beta users and the CTDA for allowing us to work with them to test FareSight. Their feedback was an important part of our development process and this newly released version.”

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