ARC EMD Processing Passes 2,000 Mark

writingARC reports that since July 31, 2012, it has processed 2,087 Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) transactions on behalf of American Airlines. EMDs allow travel agency (traditional or online) customers to pay for an air carrier’s ancillary products at the same time their flight tickets are purchased.

The EMDs were purchased by customers for American’s Preferred Seats and sold through the airline’s direct connect technology provider, Farelogix, ARC notes.

“In pioneering the first significant EMD implementation in the U.S., the collaboration of these companies is noteworthy,” said Mike Premo, ARC president and CEO. “It illustrates how travel agencies can provide better customer service while using their sales and marketing expertise to promote an air carrier’s ancillary products."

"We congratulate American Airlines,, and Farelogix for launching this innovative channel distribution program. ARC looks forward to others adopting the EMDs and enjoying the benefits of expanding their sales reach to the thousands of ARC-accredited travel agencies,” Premo said.   

ARC reports it has been EMD-ready since 2010, prepared to accommodate various ancillary charges within a single transaction and link them to multiple legs of an airline ticket. This provides significant process efficiency and flexibility, along with much greater account data tracking, ARC said.

On July 30, American Airlines announced as the first major online travel agency to sell the airline’s Preferred Seats, a product exclusively available to travel agencies through American’s technologically advanced direct connection to its host reservations system, ARC notes.  Preferred Seats are desirable seats near the front of the Main Cabin and are available for purchase when booking a flight, up until the airport check-in cutoff time, beginning at $4 per flight.


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