ARC Helix to Focus On Non-Air Suppliers

In a statement responding to industry concerns over the possibility of its Helix program providing ticketing services now or in the future, ARC reaffirmed that it has no plans at this time to offer such services.

"While some Verified Travel Consultants (VTCs) have inquired about obtaining ticketing services via the Helix program, ARC has no plans to offer airline ticketing services," said Lauri Reishus, ARC’s vice president of operations. "ARC will always be interested in offering additional services to benefit Helix participants, but we are certainly cognizant of the high ethical and legal hurdles that we would have to clear before something as complex as a ticketing service could be launched. We are firmly focused on delivering the value that the Helix community of non-airline suppliers and agents have signed up for today."

ARC’s recently introduced Helix program provides home-based and retail travel agencies access to preferred suppliers, multiple business services, and professional education and training.