ARC Improves IAR Functionality

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is reporting that travel agency customers’ feedback on an IAR reporting system safety measure— which automatically logs users out after periods of inactivity— suggests the system should be changed. While data security best practices require that sensitive passenger data in IAR should not be left displayed indefinitely, multi-tasking travel agents expressed frustration that the IAR reporting system logs off without warning, forcing them to log on again.

In response to this feedback, ARC has instituted enhanced time-out functionality that displays after 13 minutes. “Travel agents are often doing several tasks at once and researching complicated ticketing transactions,” says Leslie Gilpatrick, ARC’s general manager for reporting and settlement. “Our goal is to make it easier to do business with ARC, so we are pleased to have been able to make this improvement to IAR.”

“The pop up when IAR is about to turn off is very helpful. When I'm working on something and not watching the clock to keep IAR active, the reminder makes it so easy. Nice job and good solution as an alternative to extending the sign in time, “ said IAR user Sally Maughan, of Global Travel.

The displayed option allows the agent to either reset the time-out clock to keep the session active or close the IAR system, taking the user to the My ARC homepage. If neither action is selected, the system automatically closes two minutes later.

ARC said enthusiastically welcomes travel agent suggestions and ideas on system and process improvement. Please direct these to [email protected].

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