ARC Launches New Marketing Tool

Airports and airlines are in a position to significantly improve how they conduct market research with the introduction of the Airlines Reporting Corporation's (ARC) DataXpert Market Locator. The tool links the purchaser point-of-sale with passenger itinerary and demographic data to reveal unprecedented consumer insights. The new tool was launched May 18, and will significantly help marketers to target consumers, ARC says.

 “A point-of-sale is the location of where a transaction between a consumer and a supplier occurs, but what we’ve been seeing all this time from airline booking data and other sources has been the agency location – a transaction between a distributor and a supplier,” says Mike Premo, ARC vice president for sales, marketing and customer care. “Increasingly, that data points to a limited number of large online travel agencies which helps little when you’re looking for passenger info. With ARC DataXpert Market Locator, you’ll see the actual point-of-sale by purchaser ZIP code and then generate forward-looking, actionable intelligence to influence travel behavior.”

ARC DataXpert Market Locator is being marketed in partnership with Diio— ARC’s partner in the development of action-oriented and user-friendly IT solutions. The ARC and Diio partnership leverages each company’s expertise and market presence to provide data solutions with a truly global reach.

Airlines providing over half of the world’s capacity currently use Diio products, including 18 of the top 20 carriers in North America.

ARC DataXpert Market Locator features:

*    An online analytical tool that links purchaser point-of-sale with traveler characteristics and behaviors.
*    Looks at millions of actual ticket purchases using a significantly higher sample than traditional market research methods.
*    Has a visual design that is easily understood and interpreted by non-analyst users.
*    Allows for data exploration at multiple levels of geographic detail such as metro areas and cities - or even down to ZIP codes - letting the user analyze what is most relevant.

Airports and airlines cannot afford to flood the world with advertisements, ARC notes. Limited resources can be surgically targeted where they will have the greatest impact - where the traveler’s purchase decision is made. Additional Information on ARC DataXpert Market Locator may be found at


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