ARC Professional Certification Wins Agent Support

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has won support from more than 360 Verified Travel Consultants (VTC) since the non-ticketing accreditation category was introduced in July of last year.

“We are very pleased with these initial results and will continue to present this unique certification alternative to qualified travel professionals,” said David Collins, president and CEO of ARC. “Feedback from current VTCs indicates that they appreciate ARC’s extensive approval process and appreciate our effort to uphold the security and integrity that has long been associated with ARC.”

ARC recently released logos for use by VTC agents and began accepting applications for new VTC locations on July 18, 2007. It also began transitioning existing ARC-accredited agent locations whose business model had become more aligned with the then-new VTC tier of participation. To date, ARC has received well over 400 applications and, since April, applications have come in weekly at a double-digit clip, ARC reports.

“The VTC program with ARC MarketPlace has given me professional recognition from industry suppliers, and has enabled me to offer a full range of commissionable travel products and services to my clients that are both affordable and reliable,” said early-adopter Davida Shelley, of I Do Honeymoons in Lakeland, FL.

ARC VTC certification addresses the needs of a significant and growing segment of travel professionals– those that can benefit significantly from ARC’s unique systems and services but are not, or are no longer, ARC-accredited for air and rail ticketing. VTCs enjoy a streamlined, yet stringent, accreditation process that excludes such requirements as a bond or letter of credit associated with ticketing entities and full accreditation.

Among other benefits, VTCs are able to generate revenue through service fees by assessing their client's credit card a fee for travel services rendered; they receive weekly payment using ARC’s Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) system.


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