ARC Reports Improved October Figures

ARC is reporting some good news as October sales set a new high for 2009, although short of October ’08 by 3.5 percent. Total transactions topped October ’08 by 5.1 percent, ARC said in its monthly report. Total sales hit $6,064,705,853, down 3.51 percent and year to date $56,272,248,481 down 20.42 percent. Total transactions were $11,951,292 up 5.13 percent compared to last October but YTD down 7.31 percent at 117,818,897.

ARC reported that domestic fares were $2,774,549,108, a 4.72 percent drop for the month and at $25,604,598,164, a 20.17 percent drop YTD. International fares at $2,403,846,769, were down 1.30 percent and YTD $21,886,235,369, a 23.23 percent drop. Domestic transactions were 8,852,638 a 4.63 percent gain but YTD transactions were 86,220,801, a 7.90 percent drop.

184 carriers reported for October, along with 16,220 retail locations. 1,014 STP locations and 883 VTC locations.