ARC Reports Modest Air Sales Growth

ARC reports more than $7.3 billion in total sales reported and settled by ARC for April 2011. The total exceeded the same month in 2010 by 1.68 percent, ARC says, a modest gain. Total transactions were down compared to April 2010 by 6.33 percent ARC reports. Total fares for the month closed at just over $6.1 billion, or 0.38 percent ahead of April 2010. International fares grew 0.38 percent over April 2010 hitting $3.0 billion.

ARC said that 193 carriers participated with retail locations reporting hit 14,547 for the month. Also reporting were 696 STP (Satellite) locations and 1,267 VTC (Verified) locations. Average daily sales reported hit $14,825.



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