ARC Will Assist Helix Agents to Re-Affiliate

ARC has invited agency consortia to brief agencies impacted by ARC's recent decision to close down its Helix program, according to Edyta Satchell, ARC's director of product management.

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Satchell said about 260 agencies and 500 agents were affected by ARC's decision. She described ARC's Helix members as "loyal, productive and dedicated" and said the consortia briefings facilitated by ARC in a Town Hall setting would ease any transitions.
"Helix agents are excellent and have many options to re-affiliate," Satchell said.
Seven ARC Town Hall events are planned between now and December 31, when the Helix program ends. The relationship with the 40 ARC Helix program suppliers will by shifted to other ARC programs supporting agents.
ARC launched Helix in 2011 but said that a changing competitive landscape had changed ARC's calculations for the growth of Helix.

Even without the Helix program, Satchell said ARC had a variety of programs supportive of agents, including the ARC MarketPlace that has been well received.

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Education and training programs for agents will continue at various ARC events. offers over 10,000 commissionable products, including destination activities, sightseeing tours, airport transfers, car rentals, passport and visa expediting and business services.
Other ARC programs include Agent's Choice  for processing credit card transactions through ARC and the Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) program. In September ARC reported more than 1,600 VTC locations.
Earlier this month ARC announced a new online communications center for agents.

In 2012, ARC settled $84 billion worth of carrier ticket transactions for more than 9,400 travel agencies.