Are You Ready for NextGen Travelers?

smartphoneTechnology will play a key role in enabling the travel industry to serve young, tech-savvy travelers, says a new report from Amadeus.  Today’s young travelers are smart consumers, demand customized and adventurous trips, and rely heavily on social interaction for recommendations when considering a certain destination and activities, the Amadeus report says. 

The report, “Trending with NextGen Travelers,” profiles the new generation of traveler which Amadeus argues is poised to impact the travel industry and the technology that serves them far into the future. 

A series of interviews with young, adventurous and explorative travelers - ages 18-30 from around the world - informed the report and the  conclusions about what these travelers want both now and in the future.

The report found that NextGen travelers possess the following traits:

Informed and empowered consumers: These travelers are digital natives and Internet experts. This empowers them to build personalized travel packages and therefore even challenge the status quo of traditional experts. They expect 24/7 access to information and will often do their trip shopping on their own. These travelers also want a seamless channel experience through their smart devices, so ideally information should be available on mobile devices, tablets and on a user’s computer. As shoppers, NextGen travelers also bond with brands they find relevant and reliable and look for transparent cost information and differentiation elements for products or trip packages. 

Shift from “tourist” to “explorers”: NextGen travelers are looking for “something different.” They want content specifically tailored to them and that need does not change when it comes to booking travel. It is essential that travel companies offer authenticity, inspiration and co-creation when it comes to their travel experience. Positive collaboration that sparks inspiration between the traveler and brand will lead to a better overall experience and strong, long-lasting relationships with the NextGen consumer.

Socializing is second nature: They like to be in contact with others to share experiences and a mobile world allows for the connection to develop around the clock. NextGen travelers demand this connectivity from their favorite brands, in and outside of travel. Making information that is pre-downloadable, available offline, or “light” for limited data usage are important factors for offerings from travel brands. This also allows travelers to engage with content across borders, in spite of potential data or mobile limitations existing from country to country.

“Understanding trendsetters and top travelers of the future is fundamental for us to continue to innovate and develop tools and technologies that satisfy consumers’ changing needs,” said Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer, Amadeus North America.

 “Our NextGen research illuminates the unique characteristics of this up-and-coming group and showcases the need and opportunity for the travel industry to adapt. Technologies that enable customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through mobile devices will certainly be key," Alvis said.

To download a copy of the study issued by Amadeus North America, visit


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