ARTA Applauds Delta for Refund Policy

The Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA) applauded Delta Air Lines for being the first member of the Air Transport Association (ATA) to agree to provide applicable excise tax refunds stemming from the FAA reauthorization lapse.

"We are very pleased that our correspondence with the ATA has had a demonstrative impact on any carrier which might reverse its position of compelling travelers to approach the IRS directly for applicable excise tax refunds. We can only hope that Delta and other airlines which participate in the Area Settlement Plan put pressure on ARC to develop a solution for travel agency transactions", said ARTA Managing Director Bruce Bishins, who reached out to the ATA several times.

ARTA said it has asked ARC to reconsider its technical capabilities.

"Now with a major airline standing down from direct refunds by the IRS, ARC no longer can point to the ATA for the lockstep preference of IRS refunds previously taken by the ATA."

ARTA said it will continue its efforts to engage in constructive dialogue with ARC to provide Area Settlement Plan stakeholders with a workable solution.



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