ASTA Applauds Report on Aviation Security

ASTA added its applause to the report of the Blue Ribbon Panel for Aviation Security that has been operating under the auspices of the United States Travel Association (USTA). The report, entitled “A Better Way: Building a World Class System for Aviation Security” was released on March 16. The report urged formation of a trusted traveler program and other measures to reduce passenger frustration with airline security procedures.

“This report, which takes on many difficult and controversial issues, will provide a platform for rational dialogue about how to improve security and simultaneously increase passenger convenience,” said Chris Russo, president and chairman of ASTA.

“ASTA congratulates the panelists and USTA for being willing to challenge conventional wisdom, explore sensitive issues and make bold recommendations for a path forward based on ‘security first’ while opening much needed dialogue on ways to make the secure system more efficient and passenger accommodating. No doubt many of the points will be questioned and debated fiercely. But the report is a critical first step in activating a national consideration of the type of security regime we really need,” Russo said.

“ASTA is particularly interested in the Trusted Traveler concept and has consulted with USTA about it. Over the years, ASTA has developed a constructive relationship with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding the evolution of the Secure Flight program and looks forward to working positively with TSA to move the debate about the panel’s recommendations toward action,” said Tony Gonchar, ASTA CEO.

“The report covers a lot of ground, but is well structured for analysis and discussion of the many issues it embraces,” Gonchar concluded. “We are ready to engage and to help assure the traveling public that we support a regime that respects their needs and concerns while assuring foremost that the air travel system is safe for their use.”



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