ASTA Elects New Board and Chapter Leaders

diplomaThe American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) reports the results of recent elections at the national and chapter levels. The two-year terms of the newly elected directors will begin at the close of ASTA’s Global Convention on Sept. 20.

The following are the newly elected national directors-at-large, in alphabetical order:
Roger E. Block - Travel Leaders Franchise Group 
Jackie Friedman - Nexion, LLC
Jorge Sanchez - Mena Tours & Travel Inc.
Gloria Stock Mickelson - Travel Leaders Franchise Group
National directors serving the second year of their two-year terms are:

Jay Ellenby - Safe Harbors Business Travel Group 
Caitlin Gomez – HRG North America
John I. Lovell - Breton Village Travel Services, Inc.
Laura Rodriguez - Marina Tours And Travel Arizona LLC
Leo Zabinski  - Classic Travel

The incumbent Board of Directors convenes in September to elect the new chairman of the Board for 2014-2015 from the above nine directors-at-large. The full Executive Committee comprises the chairman, vice chair/secretary and treasurer plus ASTA’s president and CEO, who is an ex-officio non-voting member. The new Board will come together for the first time in September at the ASTA Global Convention and will elect the vice chair/secretary and the treasurer for 2014-2015.

ASTA said it’s governance structure calls for a Board of Directors that consists of nine national directors elected at-large for two-year, staggered terms; three chapter presidents; the chairman of the International Chapter Presidents Council (ICPC); two Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) members and one NACTA member director.

At its most recent meeting, the Chapter Presidents Council elected the following chapter presidents to sit on the Board: Marilyn Bell Zelaya (Northern California Chapter) who will serve as Chairman, Ralph Vasami (New York City Chapter) and Mike Weingart (Southwest Chapter). For those chapters that held officer elections this year, the results are as follows:

President – Staci Blunt 
Vice President – Donna Delpier
Secretary – Leila Dada
Treasurer – Duane Wallace

President – Csilla Dali
1st Vice President – Nancy Kozlowski
2nd Vice President – Jesse Guerra
Secretary – Renaud Urban
Treasurer – John Werner

Missouri Valley
President – Peggy Lang
Vice President – Larry Le Compte
Secretary – Devin Hansen
Treasurer – Nora Faifer

New Jersey
President – Jack Hirleman
Secretary – JoAnne Hunt
Treasurer – Ruby Stanfield

Pacific Northwest
President – Robert Roach
Co-Vice President – Rebecca Brice Henderson
Co-Vice President – Paula Hobble
Secretary – Trena Humerickhouse
Treasurer – Alex Trettin

Rocky Mountain
President – Robert Hale
1st Vice President – Joann Thompson
2nd Vice President – Jeff Gregory
Secretary – Randall Yaroch
Treasurer – Donna Evans  

President – Susan Aft
Vice President – Linda Nelson
Secretary – Vickie Love-Greenlee
Treasurer – Eugenia Duggar 

South Florida
President – Michael Greenwald
Vice President – Linda Biancarosa
Secretary – Cathie Inman
Treasurer – David Gedansky

Southern California
President – Pamela Irwin 
Vice President – Tama Holve
Secretary – Patty Thorington
Treasurer – Rhonda Shumway 

President – Mike Weingart
Vice President – Mary Jo Salas
Secretary – Frances Lindsey
Treasurer – Jaima Schiffer

Upper Midwest
President – Jane Norman
Vice President – Jenifer Camel
Secretary – Tamara Monaghen
Treasurer – Wendy Schwartz-Mix

Young Professionals Society (YPS)
President – Ryan McGredy
Vice President – Joshua Kittle
Secretary – Chris Minoletti
Treasurer – Brooke Kaiser