ASTA Financial Data Webinar Planned

First Steps to Mastering Financial Data will be the focus of ASTA’s next webinar for members on Wednesday, March 25 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. The webinar will show agents how to find the financial data needed to effectively use ASTA's Travel Agent's Management Toolkit. Best Western sponsors the toolkit.

ASTA says after discussing how to gather the data, the webinar will test the Toolkit with participants by entering sample data for "ABC Travel Agency" into the Toolkit's online financial format. The result will be a balance sheet. The webinar will also discuss what the balance sheet means and talk about practical uses for the data.  In addition, the webinar will discuss the other financial statements covered in the online financial tool including the profit and loss statement and operating expenses.

This webinar is designed to help small agencies locate and organize financial data and show agencies how to construct and understand a balance sheet. The webinar also will assist agents to better understand how the ASTA Toolkit’s financial online tool can be used in conjunction with the course book.

ASTA members can get information on the program and register at

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