ASTA Holds Joint CPC, Board Meeting in Mexico

ASTA unanimously adopted an identity theft prevention program to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Red Flag Rule during its annual joint meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) and Chapter Presidents Council (CPC), November 18-19 in Cabo San Lucas. The FTC Rule requires businesses that bill customers after services to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect identity theft in their day-to-day operations.

Additionally, the Board passed by a majority vote that Puerto Rico will host the 2011 International Destination Expo in San Juan. Board members visited the site in December 2008 at a previous meeting.

The Board also adopted new International Chapter Standards establishing rules governing International Chapter fundraising, dues collections, financial record keeping and reporting, office holders, elections and trademarks. This is to unify ASTA policies among international chapters, greater engagement with international members and expand international membership.

Effective December 1, the Board unanimously voted to amend the ASTA logo usage rules. After December 1, ASTA members can use the ASTA logo with either their corporate business name or a single designated D/B/A name. This is to correctly identify which company is the ASTA member.

Amadeus had asked ASTA’s Board to endorse its Millennium Foundation, whose mission is to raise funds for health issues in impoverished countries. The Board voted unanimously to support this project.

The Board unanimously approved a balanced consolidated operating budget for the 2010 calendar year, along with a consolidated fixed asset budget.

ASTA thanked the Marquis Los Cabos, Westin Los Cabos and Playa Grande hotels and the Los Cabos Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Mexican Tourism Board for hosting the ASTA Board during their stay in Mexico.