ASTA Launches Membership Drive

Building on positive media coverage of professional travel agents and industry support, ASTA is launching a new nationwide campaign to expand ASTA’s member base.

Tony Gonchar, ASTA’s CEO, said the “Join and Be Counted” initiative will start May 14 and include advertising, promotion and support from agency consortia.

“The campaign not only aims to grow ASTA membership through the support of dedicated consortia members, but to educate the industry on the importance of ASTA’s advocacy efforts and how ASTA membership complements an agents’ current consortia partnership,” Gonchar said.

Among the key points: travel agents are indespensible in today’s market and need competent representation.

ASTA currently has only a quarter of agencies qualified for membership. It has two agent membership categories – core and premium – as well as supplier and international members.

ASTA‘s Gonchar believes that the re-branded, re-vitalized ASTA deserves broader support – including support from consortia, franchisers, agent owned groups and host agencies. Increased supplier support will also be encouraged.

Gonchar is now in his second year as ASTA’s CEO.

“ASTA’s value often goes unrecognized when in reality it’s the only trade organization that supports and protects the entire travel industry from excessive taxation, burdensome regulation and unnecessary legislation. This saves travel agents thousands of dollars in the process,” Gonchar said.

Gonchar also cities the importance of ASTA own grassroots network, to respond to crisis and mobilize support. Full details of the campaign will be announced.


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