ASTA Offers Global Medical Concierge Service

ASTA Marketing Services, Inc. (AMSI) announced the selection of mPassport as its newest service. mPassport is a mobile and online service that helps travelers find English-speaking doctors in more than 180 countries and make an appointment on short notice.

mPassport also gives travelers access to proprietary databases of notable hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in more than 1,000 destinations and includes translation databases for thousands of brand name medications and medical terms and phrases, according to ASTA.

"mPassport is a terrific new service that can help agents increase customer loyalty and provide peace of mind to their clients," said Bob Kern, president of PNR Travel (Los Angeles) and AMSI president. "It's an indispensable tool that helps travelers find quality medical care anywhere in the world and gives travel agents a chance to provide their clients with even greater value."

For $19.95, travel agents can equip their clients for international travel with a six month mPassport membership. Travelers can plan ahead or use mPassport as the need arises on their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Appointment requests are handled by an experienced medical assistance staff 24/7.

"mPassport is changing the way world travelers seek medical assistance, and provides the peace of mind that makes every trip a pleasure," said Angelo Masciantonio, CEO of HTH Worldwide, which developed and markets mPassport services. "We are pleased that AMSI has recognized mPassport as a vitally important travel companion."


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