ASTA Offers Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Trips

ASTA is offering travelers tips for stress-free holiday travel and advice on how to cope with dire predictions of overbooked flights, long delays at check-in and lost luggage. Agents and travelers can also check out, ASTA’s consumer website, which offers helpful travel advice.

"The holiday season is always the year's busiest time for travel, but it doesn't have to be frustrating," said ASTA president and CEO Chris Russo. "One sure way to make holiday trips smoother is by having a travel agent take care of all your travel details. Travel agents always have inside information and can make holiday travel a lot less stressful."

ASTA’s tips include advice on air and car travel, including booking early, arriving early, keeping a close eye on baggage, remembering the rules on gels and liquids and knowing the limits on baggage. Above all, ASTA urges travelers to use the expert counsel of a professional travel agent. Consumers can  locate a travel agent near them by visiting's Find a Travel Agent directory.

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