ASTA Warns of Boycott, Renames THETRADESHOW

ASTA has warned members of the possible Transportation Security Administration (TSA) body scanner boycott threatened for November 24 and urges members to prepare their clients for delays.

“Several groups have announced plans to encourage travelers on November 24 to opt-out of the TSA’s full body scanner machines and opt-in for TSA’s enhanced pat-downs,” ASTA noted, offering members an advisory to help the passage through airport security.

In related news, ASTA reports that it held its annual joint meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) and Chapter Presidents Council (CPC) November 17-18 in Annapolis, MD.

The Board unanimously approved a tentative balanced, consolidated operating budget for 2011 with a provision that the incoming CEO have until March 31 to review the budget and suggest any changes or approve it as drafted, ASTA says. Also passed was a consolidated fixed-asset budget, pending approval by the incoming CEO, that ASTA is recruiting.

Additionally, ASTA’s Board unanimously voted to have Lima, Peru, be the host of the 2012 International Destination Expo. Bids from Sofia, Bulgaria; Santiago, Chile and Edinburgh, Scotland, remain options as sites for the 2013 International Destination Expo.

The Board also approved a motion by 12-to-onw to amend the bylaws and allow International Premium Members to have one vote. The motion will be carried over to the next Board meeting for a final vote.

On a related note, ASTA said it was decided that the Special Projects committee will review the idea of providing U.S. Premium Managers and all international members voting rights.

ASTA’s Board unanimously approved a proposal from THETRADESHOW Task Force that THETRADESHOW be renamed. Going forward, the annual event will be called ASTA's Travel Retailing and Destination Expo.

The Board also heard reports from staff on ASTA's various initiatives, including government affairs, industry affairs and membership, as well as updates from the U.S. and international chapters and the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), ASTA said.



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