Avenue Two Travel Merges With Travel Services Company

businessmen shaking hands
Photo by Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

Avenue Two Travel and Travel Services Company, two long-time family-owned and operated travel agencies, have announced the successful merger of the two agencies earlier this week. The merged company will retain the Avenue Two Travel name and operate out of headquarters in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Within the luxury travel industry, both Avenue Two Travel and Travel Services Company have become well-known operators in their field, having experienced massive growth and retained an expansive clientele over their combined 60 years in the industry. Both companies have a reputation for creating personalized, hand crafted itineraries.  

The merger, which comes at a time when luxury travel advisors are in high demand, will provide a wider variety of experienced advisors to the clients of both Avenue Two Travel and Travel Services Company. As a unified organization, Avenue Two Travel plans on using the experiences curated between the two companies to further provide luxury travel experiences for their clients, while benefitting from each other’s various expertise and resources.

In addition to better assisting their clients, the two companies hope the merger will help create more jobs and opportunities in an industry that’s been seeking new talent and vision. The merger was also designed in hopes to more effectively transfer years of acquired knowledge to the next generation of travel advisors.

Matt Hamilton, president of Travel Services Company, commented on the merger, saying, “Over the past 30 years, both family-run agencies have strived to make sure our clients receive extraordinary service each and every time. Our agencies’ philosophies toward this goal made me realize that the merger would be beneficial for our clients and also for our trusted and seasoned consultants. Having the benefit of Avenue Two Travel’s experience, respect and position in the luxury field of travel will open new doors for both clients and consultants in the ever-changing, electronic world we live in today.”

Visit www.AvenueTwoTravel.com or call Joshua Bush, CEO of Avenue Two Travel, at 610-243-1100 for more.