Avoya Travel Had Its Best Year Ever in 2013 With Sales up 30 Percent From 2012

graphSales soared in 2013 for Avoya Travel, an American Express Travel representative. Sales totals were up 30 percent over 2012. The travel company also reported that 2013 was the best year in company history.

Avoya also said its year-end results were underscored by double-digit sales growth, increased commission earnings by its independent agencies and the continued building of operations and customer reach. In a press release, Avoya also said the company and its independent agency network also "experienced significant growth in earnings."

“At Avoya Travel, we are continuously innovating and striving to perfect the vacation planning experience for our supplier partners, customers and the travel professionals in our independent agency network, so that we may all achieve more success than ever,” said Jeffrey Anderson, executive vice president, Avoya Travel.

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Highlights? Cruise sales increased by 25 percent, tour sales were up 58 percent and same-store sales were up 25 percent.

Travel agents in the independent agency network definitely reached for the stars, as Avoya honored 64 percent more "Best of the Best" independent agencies for producing more than $1 million in annual sales.

The organization also recognized 113 percent more "President Circle" independent agencies for generating more than $2 million in annual sales.

How did the travel company achieve these robust totals? In 2013, Avoya developed operations and created new programs that led to the record year, including:

  • Introduction of air, car, and hotel solutions to better service customers: As a result, 2013 air sales were up  49 percent, car sales were up 59 percent and hotel sales were up 28 percent. 
  • Initiation of the Avoya Academy: This in-person educational series was designed to help independent agencies maximize their sales potential.
  • Investment of millions of dollars in marketing: That created record earnings from Avoya’s exclusive Live Leads program.
  • Ongoing technology enhancements within Avoya’s travel agency operating system: For example, "Agent Power" allowed independent agencies to move quickly, easily service customers and provide them with the best value.

 In 2013, Avoya Travel was recognized as Norwegian Cruise Line's online travel agency of the year. “Norwegian Cruise Line admires Avoya Travel for its continued leadership and innovation in the travel industry and we want to congratulate their elite independent agency network for their tremendous sales success,” said Andy Stuart, executive vice president, sales and passenger services, Norwegian Cruise Line.

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