Avoya Travel Offers “Mastermind 212ᵒ” Program to Independent Agencies

Photo by Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

Avoya Travel is offering its advanced education and support program, Mastermind 212ᵒ, to its Independent Agency Network as part of its larger Avoya Mastermind Program. The invitation-only program will be available only to agencies with $500,000 in gross annual sales, promising the ability to reach $1 million.

The Avoya Mastermind Program is a learning system designed to assist independent agencies who wish to implement advanced educational and marketing tools in order to break through sales plateaus. The concept behind Mastermind 212ᵒ is “an extra degree of commitment,” while offering an advanced education program that provides access to virtual one-on-ones, business systems and sales tips, vendor specialization, and trend-watching. 

The independent agencies will be working closely with Tammie Richie, the director of Avoya Mastermind, a travel professional of 25 years, and a certified behavioral consultant. She offers a unique perspective into the personal side of sales, as well as an understanding of the obstacles and rewards of owning an independent travel agency business. 

Since Mastermind 212ᵒ’s launch in 2015, nearly 100 Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network have participated in the program: more than 40 percent have reached over $1 million in annual sales, while sales for the group in 2016 are up 53 percent over last year.

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