BTC Advocates SW Move to DFW

The Business Travel Coalition (BTC) published analysis and conclusions regarding the Wright Amendment controversy after what it terms a five-month due diligence initiative. In a nutshell, legislation prevents Southwest Airlines from further developing Love Field in Dallas, something it wants to do rather than move to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the area's top airport and a major hub for American Airlines. American and Southwest have been sparring over the legislation, and ways to circumvent it, for years and lobbying local officials to one side or the other. Southwest wants to fly more from Love Field where its costs are low, as opposed to higher priced DFW; in turn, American claims that the region has bet its future on DFW, that Southwest should come into the fold and compete there, rather from another airport. In a letter to Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, BTC urged the officials to consider BTC's findings as well as Senators James Inhofe's (R-OK) and Tom Harkin's (D-IA) proposed legislation, S. 1425. According to the coalition, if the mayors and city councils pursue what's in the highest and best public interest versus what's in American Airlines' or Southwest Airlines' interest, then business travelers in Texas and around the country will benefit enormously. BTC said its conclusion was that the public interest is best served by Southwest Airlines moving to DFW. BTC Chairman Kevin Mitchell cautioned though, "Some may think such a move would be a dancing-in-the-street solution for American, but the airline should be careful what it asks for. Did US Airways invite Southwest into its hubs at Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, United, Denver and Dulles? Of course not. Southwest's entry to DFW would be a serious threat to American wherein the only winners who matter would be the consumer and the taxpayer." The BTC Report can be downloaded at [].