On Call International Partners With Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc.

Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc. (VWT) has been selected as the exclusive travel management provider for On Call International, a leading provider of medical, security and travel assistance and its clientele.

Emergency medical evacuations can cost $20,000 domestically and as much as $100,000 internationally, which is why On Call International's services are there to safeguard travelers from unnecessary and expensive medical costs. They also ensure customers have access to top medical care and comprehensive travel assistance anytime the traveler is more than 50 miles from home.

Additional medical assistance services range from emergency prescription replacement to worldwide hospitalization and physical referral. The company's 24/7 Nurse Helpline provides medical advice from U.S.-licensed nurses.  

Along with medical assistance, On Call International memberships also offer evacuations due to security threats from political unrest and natural disasters.

While the majority of travel service needs are handled via telephone, email and even in person, VWT's online booking tool will offer the On Call staff personalized services in a password protected environment to make reservations.  

For more information about On Call International and the full scope of services offered please visit www.oncallinternational.com.
For more information about Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc. and the travel services offered, please visit www.valeriewilsontravel.com.

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