Carnival Launches New Training Program for Nexion Travel Agents

carnival sunshineNexion and Carnival Cruise Lines have launched a training program exclusively for Nexion agents. Nexion agents who complete this program before August 17 will be entered in a drawing for an eight-night cruise for two. The program is now open for Nexion agents to participate. 

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“I think it speaks volumes that we were able to partner with Carnival Cruise Lines to create a customized training program exclusively for our Nexion agents. This learning plan is different from others in that it offers a great combination of training materials – including job aids, tutorials and webinars – to assist our agents in successfully selling Carnival cruise vacations,” said April Hillsman, director of the Nexion Cruise Desk. “Suppliers know that Nexion agents embrace all forms educational opportunities. We applaud Carnival for developing this exclusive program and recognizing that it’s time well spent. They appreciate that our agents work hard to match their cruise clients with the right product and itinerary as well as to develop and grow their business.”

The program is available online via “Carnival Passport” and includes 13 hours of training. Through videos, webinars, FAQ documents, tutorials and interactive games, participating Nexion agents will gain knowledge specific to Carnival Cruise Lines in categories such as product knowledge, booking tools, sales and marketing, and groups. Some of the classes include:

  • Dive Into Fun: Everything Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Building Group Business
  • Fleet and Mat
  • Sales: Listening Skills

“Carnival Cruise Lines’ philosophy on agent education is to offer every type learning style, providing the agent with the freedom to pick and choose which opportunities are most relevant to them and their business,” said senior managing director of U.S. sales at Carnival Cruise Lines, Mike Julius. “A natural evolution to this philosophy has been to work with our key agencies, such as Nexion, to develop these learning plans. We are very excited to team up with Nexion and dedicate a segment of our learning offerings exclusively to Nexion agents.”

Agents can call 800-747-6813 or email [email protected].